Barbara Alton

Barbara Alton (AKA Ann Whiting, Barbara Trent, Nancy Myers) was born on 8 June 1959. She grew up in West Govina, California. A slim, pretty dark blonde with big brown eyes, a svelte figure and killer bosoms posed in various men’s magazines in the late 70’s and early 80’s, including Gem, Gent and BUF. She also did a number of hardcore layouts and films. Barb cut her hair short for most of her career, but looked much prettier and femine with her long londe locks, evidence of which does exist in a few photoshoots

Barbara Alton is one of those Bygone Babes who showed up for a very short period of time between 1983-1986 and only graced us with a few performances, but they were memorable. She did three 8MM loops (Perfect Pair, Tit Lover & Holly Weird) in 1983-1984

Soon after turning eighteen she moved to Los Angeles where she planned to attend art school. In order to pay her fees she answered an ad in The Free Press asking for models. The photo sessions took place in a message parlour and would usually end with the photographers paying the models for sex. “I was there for a week, just taking pictures, not letting the guys touch me. I wasn’t making money. The other girls were coming away with $500 a night. So one girl finally told me what was going on. So I quit. But I was advanced enough that taking my clothes off in front of guys didn’t bother me. And I was making $50 a night instead of $25 as a secretary.”

Barbara then answered an ad in Sunset International for nude models that led to “my first professional modeling jobs. Boy, some of the doozies they threw at you! Little girl from the suburbs and you have photographers chasing you around the house. Craziness! But it was good training.” “I started off working with Hal Guthu, who also did nudes of Demi Moore.” This eventually resulted in two photo spreads for Penthouse, once as Pet Of The Month.

By now Barbara was taking acting classes, and in 1978 appeared in the mainstream movie ‘The Toolbox Murders’. “I was the girl who gets murdered in the bathtub in ‘Toolbox Murders’. That’s how I got my Screen Actors Guild card… I was getting paid for it – but I wasn’t that excited about it because I don’t want to be a straight actress. Bob Veze, my mentor, was always very frustrated with me because he thought I could be Demi Moore – who came out of his studio. But I didn’t want it that bad, and you have to want it bad to exist in Hollywood. You’ve got to be willing to go to all the auditions. I went to auditions, and I hated them.”

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  1. Peter says:

    Sorry but this is not Barbara Alton’s bio, although it sems to derive from the professional webpage in her name. Easy to check: she was in neither of the movies mentioned here. Alas, she remains a mystery shrouded in confusion…

  2. Lefthanded jack says:

    Barbara who I love to call Babs is an great testament to how beautiful a pregnant teenage girls tits can be. Her breast stand out from her chest and her nipples and areolas stick even more the contrast in color is intense truly awesome. In other words a pretty girl with a great pair of tits!

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