Cajun Queen

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Cajun Queen

Nikki King, Trinity Loren, Lotta Topp, Twin Towers

Cajun Queen

My name is Julie, but I go as Cajun Queen.
I am the backbone of my 4 grown children and 7
grand children. I was so upset when we found
out the man of my life had lymphoma. HeÊfought
for 10yrs. We had 43 wonderful years. It has been
almost 4 yrs since he is gone.
I thank God everyday for my family and my friends
and most of all for God that is so good to me.

I was so glad that my Garden friend Deanne told
meÊabout this wonderful room a few yrs. ago. It
fills my lonely night.
I want to thank Dixie, Lori and whoever else helps
with the room.

Let me add I play the piano by ear. I have for so many
yrs. I used to play in my home church in New Orleans.
I love to sew, crochet, scrapbooking, and my yard is
my nerve pill and free tan. I love to share seeds and
Plants. I love being busy
Thanks Cajun Queen

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3 Responses to “Cajun Queen”

  1. Rob says:

    I think you are the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever laid eyes on. You are the most beautiful woman in the world Cajun Queen (Julie)

  2. Eric says:

    Are you remarried. I am infatuated with your beauty and would like the opportunity to overcome it.

  3. hueydoc says:

    I personally know her and Cajun Queen’s real name is not Julie. She’s retired from doing porn and lives in Nashville.

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