Candy Samples

Date of Birth 12 April 1940, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This amazingly buxom blonde bombshell is one of the true legends on the adult circuit. Porn star Candy Samples’ name has become synonymous with huge-breasted bodaciousness over the course of her decades-long career. She’s been in and out of the sex business since the early 1970s. She became a fan favorite through her numerous features and constant personal appearances.

She first got into the hardcore scene in the early 1970s, after a few appearances in some softcore features for director Russ Meyer like Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) (in which she was credited as Mary Gavin). She had long been one of the most sought-after models for magazine and poster work, and she began to parlay that into hardcore success. She starred in a string of hardcore videos during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Candy was one of the stars of the notorious nudie flick Flesh Gordon (1974) (also as Mary Gavin), further solidifying her stature as the biggest name among chesty starlets. What just may be her hottest performance can be found in John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens (1980), where she takes on Johnny Keyes and Uschi Digard in a threeway romp. Candy continues to turn up now and again in archive footage in specialty tapes, although she tends to concentrate on her dancing and personal appearances these days.

In addition to appearing in pornographic movies, she also appeared in some B-movie campy roles, including the 1974 science fiction spoof Flesh Gordon. She also appeared in the Russ Meyer satirical sexploitation film Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979).

1. Blue Vanities 284 (1996) (V)
2. Blue Vanities 43 (1992) (V) 3. Cock Robin (1989)
4. Le sex de femme 4 (1989)
5. Blue Vanities 39 (1988) (V)
6. 40 Plus (1986)
7. Bouncin’ in the U.S.A. (1986)
8. Big Busty 13: The Classic Strip (1985) (V)
9. A Taste of Candy (1985) (V) …. Widow
10. Down and Dirty (1985) (V)
11. All the Way In! (1984) …. Candy Keen
12. Big Bust Babes (1984) (V)
13. Big Busty 4 (1984) (V)
14. Electric Blue 12 (1984) (V) …. Katrina
15. Inside Candy Samples (1984) (V) …. Dr. Candy Cox
16. The Best Little Whorehouse in San Francisco (1984) …. Fannie Mae
17. Big Bust Superstars (1983) (V)
18. Eighth Erotic Film Festifal (1983)
19. Collection Volume 1 (1982) (V)
20. Disco Sex Party (1980)
21. John Holmes and the All Star Sex Queens (1980)
22. Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979) (as Mary Gavin) …. The Very Big Blonde
23. Candy’s Big Black Master (1979)
24. Executive Sweets (1979)
25. Hey! There’s Naked Bodies on My TV! (1979) …. Mayor”s Wife (segment “Bernie Milner”)
26. Lesbian Encounter (1979)
27. Triple Climax Orgy (1979)
28. Fantasm Comes Again (1977) (as Mary Gavin) …. Frances – ‘Family Reunion’
29. Up! (1976) (as Mary Gavin) …. The Headsperson
30. Female Chauvinists (1976)
31. Fantasm (1976) (as Mary Gavin) …. Belle (segment “Mother’s Darling”)
32. Deep Jaws (1976) …. Henrietta
33. The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (1976) (as Mary Gavin) …. Pepper-Picking Girl
34. Last Days of Pompeii (1975)
35. The Big Three (1975)
36. The Erotic Director (1975) …. Go-go Dancer
37. Flesh Gordon (1974) (also as Mary Gavin) …. Chief Nellie
38. Mrs. Harris’ Cavity (1974) (uncredited) …. Mrs. Harris
39. Oriental Ecstasy Girls (1974) …. Honey
40. The Best of Everything (1974) (uncredited) …. Alice
41. Is There Sex After Marriage (1973) …. Martha Carson
42. Superchick (1973) (as Mary Gavin) …. Lady on Boat
43. The Cocktail Hostesses (1973)
44. Million Dollar Mona (1973) (as Mary Gavin) …. Mona von Groana
45. Sex in the Bag (1973)
46. Prison Girls (1972)
47. Liberty (1972/I) (as Lydia Chase) …. Cynthia Joy
48. Breast Orgy (1972)
49. Breast Orgy 2 (1972)
50. Drop Out Wife (1972)
51. Saddle Tramp Women (1972)
52. Sex as You Like It (1972) (uncredited) …. Marlene
53. The Candy Store (1972) (uncredited) …. Candy
54. The Elevator (1972) (uncredited) …. Peter’s Friend’s Lover
55. Ensenada Pickup (1971) …. Mrs. Fisher
56. Love Boccaccio Style (1971) …. Madam Fantutti
57. Robot Love Slaves (1971) (uncredited) …. Harry’s Wife
58. Convicts’ Women (1970) (as Vivian Andresen) …. Mrs Brown

1. Pandora Peaks (2001) (V) …. Herself
2. Best Chest in the West (1984) (V) …. Herself
3. Candy Samples’ Video Review (1984) (V) …. Herself
4. Electric Blue 17 (1984) (V) …. Herself
5. Adult Movie Bloopers (1983) …. Herself

Archive Footage:
1. Super-Stars of the 70s Stags (2006) (V)
2. Ten Years of Big Bust (1989) (V)
3. Bra Breakers Vol. 1 (1988) (V)
4. Only the Best of Breasts (1988)
5. Only the Best of Women with Women (1988) (V)
6. Attack of the Monster Mammaries (1987)
7. Legends of Porn (1987) …. Herself


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