Bonnie Logan

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

For fans of classic 50’s men’s magazines, there are some pin-up models that just stand out (and that’s not an easy thing considering the hundreds of women who graced the pages of dozens publications). West Coast nightclub singer Bonnie Logan is one such woman. (She also went by the name Laura Lee.) In all of her photo shoots (mostly done by quirky photographer Earl Leaf–he’s the man show on one of the pictures in her gallery.), there is always this electrical sultriness and exotic quality. Usually the goal of women getting on the pages of magazines like Adam and Sir Knight was to further her career in other fields (mostly burlesque or acting). Sometimes it worked wonders.
Most of the time, as in Logan’s case, her fame was limited to a few more nightclub bookings and a future where only fans of retro culture would know her.

In fact, her appearance on the cover of Girl Watcher #2 along with June Wilkinson is very sought after by collectors.
To get more of a sense on how these magazines tried to promote their models, check out this write-up Adam (vol. 2 no. 12, 1958) gave her.

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