Debee Ashby

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Debee Ashby born 2 July 1967 in Coventry is a former English adult model and actress. She is also known as Debby Ashby.

Ashby became well known at the age of 16 years when she was expelled from King Henry VIII School, Coventry on 16 December 1983 because she had posed topless in her school uniform for the men’s magazine Men Only. This got wide attention in the British media, and she was soon posing nude for The Sun, with her mother, Anne Ashby, posing topless. She continued to model as a Page Three girl, and she also worked as an actress in adult videos such as Electric Blue, Sexy Secrets of the Sex Therapist, Breast of Britain and The Page 3 Girls.

After a brief relationship with American actor Tony Curtis, Ashby is now married, has children and runs a pub called “C’est la Vie” in Douglas, Isle of Man.

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