Michelle Angelo

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Also known as: Janet Angel, Angie Duncan

This exotic dancer, actress and pin-up model is American and was popular during the late 1960’s and 70’s.  She was known for her beautiful puffy nipples and one of the first high profile models to show actual pubic hair in the 60’s.

This pretty big titty model was really short.  She began her career to help support her husband through college.  She danced at some legendary spotsincuding the  Whiskey A-Go-Go, Honey Bunny, and Pink PussyCat in Hollywood.   She did a lot of work for Playboy and is known as the wild hippiefrom the March 1968 issue.  She also appeared in April of 1968, December of 1968 with Omar Sharif and was featured in Playboys Nudes 1992, Playboy 40 year book, Playboy 50 year book and The Big Book of Breasts 2006.  She posed in over 100 different magazines in her short career.

She worked in movies before hardcore including many nude-tease film shorts, which were geared for mail-order sale and peep-machine viewing.  Her best quote was “Most dancers now have augmentation, and their phony breasts don’t compare to what I have naturally.”

Selected filmography

* Timeless Michelle Angelo (2004)

* Michelle Angelo ‘Collector Edition’ (2001)

* Vintage Michelle Angelo (2000)

* Streets Of A Thousand Pleasures (1970)

* Blow The Man Down (1969)

* Little Girls (1969)

* Marked for Love (1969)

* Branded Women (1968)

* Dr. Depravity (1968)

* Five Bullets (1968)

* Like It Is (1968)

* Night Of The Dagger (1968)

* Nymphs Anonymous (1968)

* The Salesman’s Revenge (1968)

* Voyage To The Bottom Of The She (1968)

* For Love and Money (1967)

* Mondo Hollywood (1967)

* Wild Wild Weekends (1967)

Credits; IMDB and Boobpedia

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