Cherry Bomb

Tit Queens of the Past, Vol. 1
Tit Queens of the Past, Vol. 6

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2 Responses to “Cherry Bomb”

  1. Dave says:

    Still sport an instant woody looking @ cherry. TMI but this was the 1st woman I ever jacked it to. Well, her, Miss Kitty & Lisa Delleuw. Seems to be a pattern here! I remember when she was Ted Nugents girl! Still a big Nugent fan but back then gave a whole new insight to his songs. I still have more Cherry Bomb” pictures logged away in my head from her spreads in CHERI magazine…go figure. Myself, I miss these days when all the otherwise beautiful women to me didn’t have tats & piercings.

  2. Lefthanded jack says:

    When I found a friends magazine filled with pictures of Cherry Bomb I had to take it home and spent months jacking off looking at those huge breast and pink areolas that seemed to glow. Giving me hours of pleasure and a great workout.

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