Chesty Morgan

aka Zsa Zsa
Was born 1928, Poland as Liliana Wilczkowska

Chesty Morgan was an American exotic dancer of Polish birth during the 1970s and 1980s. Best known for her 73-inch bust, Morgan was a highly popular and successful live act during this time. She appeared in two films by independent director Doris Wishman, and in one by Italian director Federico Fellini. Her scene for Fellini was cut from the film.

Serial Mom 1994
Third Hand 1981
Casanova 1976 – Barberina
Double Agent 73 1974 – Jane Genet
Deadly Weapons 1973 – Crystal

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One Response to “Chesty Morgan”

  1. Lefthanded jack says:

    If I had seen her live show the floor would have been stickier when I left. The chance to jack off while she danced right in front of me like I did with Justice Howard and Melissa Mounds would have been fantastic.

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