Chesty Morgan Deadly Weapons/Double Agent 73

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Chesty Morgan
Vintage and Retro Big Tits!

Deadly Weapons/Double Agent 73
Chesty Morgan (Actor), Frank Silvano (Actor), and Doris Wishman (Director)

Cult sexploitation director Doris Wishman and her impossibly endowed discovery, Chesty Morgan, a Polish-born stripper with a 73-inch bust, re-teamed after the success of Deadly Weapons for this even more outrageous spy thriller. Chesty, as lifeless and numb as ever, plays a combination Jane Bond and Mata Hari, an undercover agent with a camera implanted in her left breast that snaps a picture every time she (or anyone, for that matter) squeezes it. What she doesn’t know is that it’s set to explode if she doesn’t finish her assignment in 36 hours. Chesty is oddly graceless, sneaking up on an enemy agent with all the elegance of a water buffalo, and she possesses no screen charisma. She does, however, shed her shirt at every turn to snap a picture (click!), fondle herself, or use her endowments as a truncheon in a fight that simply must be seen to be believed. Wishman’s style hasn’t improved any from her previous film, but she drives it at such a quick pace that you almost forget that nobody’s dialogue quite matches their mouths. It’s at once inept and absolutely astonishing, a collection of cheap secret-agent gags (exploding lipstick, killer earrings), brutal murders (Chesty takes a broken bottle to a bad guy’s face), and even a clumsy tribute to the Psycho shower scene. Chesty Morgan next appeared in Fellini’s Casanova before retiring from the silver screen. –Sean Axmaker

Chesty Morgan’s busting out all over in a double dose of trouble! When gangsters kill her boyfriend, the eye-popping, excessively endowed Chesty seeks revenge with two of the most incredible Deadly Weapons ever seen on the motion picture screen: her 73-inch breasts! Then she’s back and ready to explode in Double Agent 73, a screwy spy epic in which she’s given a camera/time bomb breast implant to take pictures of her heroin-smuggling targets before the clock runs out. Directed by the grand dame of grindhouse cinema, Doris Wishman, these cinematic assaults on the senses must be seen to be disbelieved!

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  1. aDAM says:

    wow I love Chesty Morgan

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  3. Delta19 says:

    Oh to be smothered by those gigantic tits

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