Deedee Reeves

Dee Dee Reeves is from Washington state. She worked as a stripper in Seattle and took her name from her big natural DD boobs. John ‘Buttman’ Stagliano introduced her to the porn world in 1991 in his Buttman’s Big Tit Adventures. Dee Dee had the steamiest scene in the movie and from there she was in demand. She made over 50 movies and retired suddenly in 1998 after having her breasts surgically reduced. She opened her own modelling agency in Seattle, Washington but I don’t know the name of it or if it is still running.

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3 Responses to “Deedee Reeves”

  1. Antettonio2 says:

    50 movies??? I’ve only recall seeing 3 or 4 scenes…


  2. Tonito says:

    DeeDee is one of the sexiest women EVER… I shot more loads over her back in the day than everyone else combined. I’d still taste her!

  3. jakemeister says:

    As it’s MANY years after the factShe has made a career for herself,NOT based on her MOST notable physical asset,my feelings hardly matter.I just feel it was a TRAGEDY to (I cannot state this strongly enough) decide on that hideous proceedure by having her spectacular breasts MUTILATED. HOW SAD.She was not alone either 90s BBW model/porn star Melanie Anton also made that same unfortunate decision,I read years AFTER the fact Melanie regretted it.I wonder if Reeves ever feels the same way.

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