Donatella Damiani

Donatella Damiani was born in Naples, June 3, 1958. She is an Italian actress most known for her role in the 1980 film by Federico Fellini titled The City

of Women (La città delle donne). In this film she embodies a woman who is sweet, protective, and seductive. This drop-dead goregeous babe rose

quickly to fame as an Italian sex symbol in the 1980s and was featured in pictorials such as the June 1980 edition of Playboy and the March 1985 edition

of Playmen (see Pictorial).

“Celebrity Sleuth” (USA) 1997, Vol. 10, Iss. 8, pg. 26-27, by: staff, “Treasured Chests: #37 Donatella Damiani”
“Playmen” (Italy) March 1985, pg. 18-19, “Un po’ di nostalgia”
“High Society” (West Germany) September 1983, pg. 8-15, by: Angelo Frontoni, “Mamma Mia”
“Oui” (USA) September 1981, Vol. 10, Iss. 9, pg. 38-43, by: ANgelo Frontoni, “Donatella”
“Playboy” (USA) June 1980, Vol. 27, Iss. 6, pg. 129, “Fellini’s Feminist Fantasy”

Magazine cover photo
“Gin Fizz” (Italy) 21 February 1986, Vol. 2, Iss. 22
“Playmen” (Italy) March 1985
“Playboy” (Netherlands) 1 February 1984, Iss. 2
“Playboy” (Germany) October 1983
“Playboy” (Italy) July 1983

1. Il peccato di Lola (1985)
… aka Lola’s Secret

2. Hanna D. – La ragazza del Vondel Park (1984)
… aka À seize ans dans l’enfer d’Amsterdam (France)
… aka Hanna D.: The Girl from Vondel Park (Australia)

3. Grog (1982)

4. Vigili e vigilesse (1982) …. Miriam

5. I carabbinieri (1981) …. Beatrice

6. Miele di donna (1981) …. The Landlady
… aka Dulce piel de mujer (Spain)
… aka Honey

7. La città delle donne (1980) …. Donatella (Woman on roller skates)
… aka City of Women (USA)
… aka La cité des femmes (France)

8. Non ti conosco più amore (1980) …. Allegra
… aka I Don’t Understand You Anymore (International: English title)

9. La liceale seduce i professori (1979) …. Irma
… aka How to Seduce Your Teacher (International: English title)

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