Georgia Holden

We found oodles of information on Georgia Holden also known as Georgianna Michalski and after her marriage to pit boss Leon Kingston. She was a stripper, model and dancer. She has provided a lot of assistance in several films not all adult in nature. She helped to choreograph some dancing in “Singing in the Rain” and several western films that included dancing girls. She only acted in one movie, “The right hand of the devil’ and was featured in Candid magazine.

She was born in America to parents that were from Poland and Holland which is probably why she had such gorgeous skin and beautiful green eyes. She had natural DD breasts and preferred her hair to be blond or red. She was most known for her topless stripping and night club acts.

We would like to thank the guys over at Georgia Holden for most of our information.  They have a great plethoria of information on this gorgeous angel.

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