Jan Roberts

Brooklyn born In 1939, but growing up in Toledo, OH, Jan Roberts was famous as the 1962 Miss August in Playboy magazine. She appeared several times in the magazine.

She worked as a bunny in the Chicago Playboy Club, and was the first bunny to go onto be a centerfold.

She reportedly disliked “Beatniks”.  I find that kind of odd since she did topless centerfold work don’t you?

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2 Responses to “Jan Roberts”

  1. Lefthanded jack says:

    Jan I may not be a beatnik but I sure have spent a lot!! of time beating off looking at your beautiful face and amazing tits’

  2. Good Memories says:

    I recently lost my darling husband after nearly 40 years of marriage. The August 1962 Playboy containing Ms. Roberts was the only men’s magazine my husband kept in our home. He cherished Ms. Roberts’ lovely photos and I felt comfortable with Ms. Roberts as his nubile fantasy while I was away. Ms. Roberts, thank you for your beauty, values, and for years of keeping the “home fires burning” for my husband. I am the beneficiary of several children and grandchildren and a lifetime of good, wholesome multiple orgasmic sex that I will always treasure.

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