Karen Wing – Dance Full Video

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Karen Wing with many colleagues (help us to recognize them) dancing. Actually learn to dance … They start slowly then faster and faster, while dancing undressing and great tits are beginning to jump, undulate, shake – something wonderful, Have to see! Vintage and Retro Big Tits!

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5 Responses to “Karen Wing – Dance Full Video”

  1. JIPOU says:

    Donna ambrose, pauline hickey, karen wing, georgina reeves

  2. Buzz says:

    That cute girl at the beginning is Susan Reeves. This is the only thing she ever did, to my knowledge. And this is a cut from “Kiss-O-Gram Girls”. 1986, I think.

  3. Denis M says:

    Yes, this is from the Kiss-O-Gramld Girls. Anybody know where this video can be obtained?

  4. Mohammed Ali says:

    How impolite and irreverent to make complimenting bosoms,cleavages and rears a crime and than to top it off they got to complain on this machine men are staring and whistling at them.

  5. homosexual says:

    Warning, Robert Terson licked my asshole

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