Karla Klein

Karla Klein is from the Show Me state, born in Kansas City , Mo in 1945. Although she was petite at 4’11”, her measurements were king sized at 42-26-29. Although she had enormous breasts they still appeared as “Perky” She appeared in men’s magazines from the middle 1960’s to the early 70’s such as Fling, King Size, All Man, and Fling Festival.

thanks to bigbreastarchive.com and boobpedia for what information we have about Karla Klein.

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7 Responses to “Karla Klein”

  1. miklos revesz says:

    The 1. photo is not Carla, shi iz Joan Brinkmann.

  2. seadragonconquerer says:

    Miklos is right about this….how about posting an actual, for-real KK shot? There’s plenty around….

  3. sydney wang says:

    Photo is Joan Brinkman a beautiful woman. Karla is a gorgeous woman, and you have a lot of great shots of her on the site. Please, change the cover photo to a real shot of Karla Klien.

  4. 42nd Street Photo says:

    42nd Street Photo…

    Karla Klein « Boobseum – vintage and retro big tits!…

  5. Derwick says:


    Karla Klein « Boobseum – vintage and retro big tits!…

  6. Mark Dubowitz says:

    Mark Dubowitz…

    Karla Klein « Boobseum – vintage and retro big tits!…

  7. Luther R. Norman says:

    I have to agree with the rest, that is not Karla Klein pictured above. She was somewhat younger and what a beautiful face!

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