Kellie Everts

aka Rasa von Werder The Stripper For God
Date of Birth: July 16, 1945 Calv, Germany

There are some gorgeous women we can’t find enough information about, then there are those beauties that we find oodles and oodles of info on.

Rasa AKA Kellie is one of those.

This amazing babe was a body builder, stripper and then turned to god and became the stripper for god. How this all came about is a mystical

transformation that needs to be checked out. We read a lot about it at Wikipedia and then at Kellie’s sites.

She did achieve several awards including:
* Ms Nude Universe 1967, featured in Playboy Feb. 1968
* Ms Body Beautiful USA 1973 2nd Place, World Body Building Guild, New York
* Ms Body Beautiful USA 1974 1st Place , World Body Building Guild, New York
* IFBB Ms Americana 2nd place & Best Body, 1972, Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York
* IFBB Ms. Americana 1973 , CA . ‘Most Voluptuous’ Trophy, Contest Promoted by Reg & Shari Lewis.
* IFBB Ms. Americana 1974, 2nd Place Trophy and Best Body Trophy, Felt Forum, New York

She may well be called the “Herald” of women’s bodybuilding as she exhibited her weightlifting prowess for national magazines and television shows as early as 1975.

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