Magdalena Aleman

Sad, but true this is all we know about this hottie.  She was a pin-up model.  Help us out please!

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One Response to “Magdalena Aleman”

  1. wacker says:

    Same girl as Regina Anderer and Cleo Simmonds. said to be German but she spoke fluent English with London accent. Many Londoners are of German-Jewish origins (Michael Caine, for example). Worked in photographers shop in Kensington, girlfriend of owner, Baron/Lord Avebury aka John Lubbock, ex-Combat Major WWII, divorced for 2nd time. who had modelling weekends at his ancestral home in Orpington, which had huge terraced gardens and woods. This venue closed late 1960 when his cousin went for local MP, won, later in House of Lords, as thought not suitable to continue, might cause scandal. She was ballet-dancer as child, then gymnastics. Started as stripper at 14 years old, took up ‘glam’ modelling under Lubbock. He died, not sure if they ever got married, no trace of her after new venue, the famous Ewhurst, closed, in 1969-70.

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