Melinda Windsor

Cute and sexy Melinda Windsor was born in 1966 and appeared in Playboy in February 1966.  She was photographed by Tony Marco.  She used a pseduonym when appearing in Playboy which caused a minor problem, which was soon resolved after Playboy explained to fans that she had used a pseduonym to protect herself because she was attenting UCLA at the time.  Since that photo shoot she has become one of the best known Playmates from 1960.

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5 Responses to “Melinda Windsor”

  1. Boomer says:

    How could she be born in 1966 and yet appear in Playboy in 1966????

    Hello??? Typo, I think!

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  5. nowayman says:

    none of the last 3 comments have nothing to do with the topic of melinda windsor. what’s wrong with these dumb people. melinda is a wonderful woman and always with be in my eyes.

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