Natalie Banus

Real name: Natalie Jay
Interesting Tidbit: Her first manager decided to call her “Natalie Banus” (pronouced BA-noose), to give her a classy sounding name. Natalie never liked it and would later change back to using her real name when she left England for Hollywood.

Natalie was born in October 1971 in London, England.  She has appeared in magazines and pictorials since 1987 and quit around 1999.  She is a mixture of Indian and Caucasian which makes her very yummy to look at. Those big natural 40 inch tits of hers make her a delight for any sight.    She began her career at the tender age of 15 in a british tabloid newspaper called the Sunday Sport.

Other work outside adult modeling

Alongside her glamour and adult modeling shoots. Natalie did also act or made a number of small appearances in movies, TV dramas and music


* Small acting role in Michael Winner’s film Bullseye

* Appeared in Jim Winowski’s movie Sins of the Flesh

* Appeared in music videos for Snoop Doggy Dogg’s “Dogg Pound” and House of Pain’s “Who’s the Man” videos.

In 1993, she emigrated to California, where she still lives today. In the following year, Natalie was given a speaking part in Baywatch where she played

an unnamed lifeguard. In all she appeared 10 times during the 1994-5 series.

She even sang a rendition of Dusty Springfield’s I Don’t Know What to Do With Myself for a techno-dance compilation album back in 1990.


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Magazine cover photo

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credits: IMDB and Boobpedia

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