Nicky Stanton

We didn’t find much of anything about this gorgeous hottie.  We do know that she was also known as Didi Matisse, Ella Delaney.   Feel free to post anything else you might know about this hottie.

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4 Responses to “Nicky Stanton”

  1. andre40 says:

    Nikki Stanton was a British model. She did in 1979 also four hardcore loops for the famous Color Climax Company from Denmark (Copenhagen). All these were directed by Harrison Marks, the well known porn and nude director from Britain. Some of them appeared also in a softcore version. Titles are Cockpit Cunts (also known as The Aviator), Big ‘n Busty, Busty Baller and Arabian Nights.

  2. matt 3 says:

    I was lent a copy of Color Climax 412 years ago and after seeing Nicky Stanton perform in Big n Busty, had to keep it. It blew me away!!!! Whats more, she really dressed for the occasion. Watched it again and again so many times. I have tried to get information on her for years. Trawled the Internet but she does,nt appear to have a website. Damn!!!

  3. knight4444 says:

    NICKY STANTON has been a favorite of mine since 1979

  4. Rod says:

    I performed with Nicky in a couple of skinflicks in the seventies. She could suck milk out of an iron bar! What a girl.

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