Pat Wynn

There isn’t much information abuot Pat Wynn so please post and let us know what you know about this brunette booty babe.

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3 Responses to “Pat Wynn”

  1. Mikey says:

    I know this may not be much help but I remember Pat from my teenage years in the 80’s. She was a British model who used to do soft core shoots for UK porn mags, such as Fiesta and Escort. I just remember that she was a regular probably into the early 90’s when she even had a stint in Fiesta magazine (?) as an unqualified sex therapist. It ran along the lines of “My girlfriend won’t try anal…” and Pat would advise, as explicitly as possible, how to get around this particular thorny issue. Not sure when she stopped exactly (my ex-wife’s disagreeable views on mens mags at the time made sure of that) but it may be something to go on.

  2. stephen says:

    can you let me know if pat wynn has a fan club. she is a fab looking femail.

  3. Delta19 says:

    She used to have an advice page in Fiesta magazine going under the name “Auntie Jayne” If you write to the below e-mail there may be a fan club but I am not sure.

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