Roberta Pedon


Born in Ohio to Latvian-Jewish parents, Pedon relocated first to San Francisco and then to Venice, California to start a modeling career.[1] Bob Ellison and John Kirk, both well-known glamour photographers in Los Angeles have been credited with discovering her. She was known by many pseudonyms (Roberta Pedon, Melody O’Hare, Roberta Baird and Roberta Weaver). “Roberta Pedon” was the name she had fully adopted by 1973. The “Melody O’Hare” moniker supposedly came from the name of one of her best friends in junior high. Pedon’s nickname was “Mooschi”.[2]

Because of her large breasts, Pedon’s photographs frequently appeared in men’s magazines catering to breast fetishists. The earliest verifiable publication of her photos was in the February 1974 edition of “The Swinger”, a men’s magazine. The issue would have gone to press the prior November. In Nymphet, February 1975, she appeared under her actual name with text referring to her Jewish background. Pedon dressed (and then undressed) as a hippie in most of her photo shoots.

Pedon appeared in the sexploitation film Carnal Madness aka Delinquent Schoolgirls.[3] Her casting was the result of her contacts at American Art Enterprises (AAE), a Los Angeles company that specialized in pornographic shoots and loops. AAE’s modeling roster provided the producer of Delinquent Schoolgirls with busty female talent like Pedon and Nika Movenka for the film. After appearing in Delinquent Schoolgirls, Pedon auditioned for the lead female role in the Jan-Michael Vincent film Buster and Billie.

Fling (May 1973)
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Jugs, Hiney Holes, and More! (February 1974)
Gem (May 1974)
Nymphet (February, 1975)
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  1. Geronimo Lucky says:

    Roberta Pedon, a biography
    by Charles L. Smith

    Trying to tell the story of the short, unhappy life of Roberta Pedon becomes
    more difficult each year. Those of us who knew her use that name, although it
    certainly was not her “real” name. Separating reality from the fictions
    Roberta created about herself is almost impossible. Very few things about her
    are certain: she was born in 1954 in the United States, either in California
    or Ohio; she had one credited motion picture role; she had serious drug and
    alcohol abuse problems; she was hospitalized at least twice for overdoses; she
    was arrested at least once; she worked by turns as a model, actress, and
    prostitute; she was bulemic and suffered from one or more mental health
    problems known as personality disorders; and her adult life was a repetitive
    pattern of short, unstable, intensely sexualized relationships.

    Many things about her we know only from faded memories of things she told us,
    and she was not the most reliable of sources, especially about herself. Each
    of us knew only a small part of her complex and deeply troubled personality,
    and she went to great lengths to appear to be what she thought each of us
    expected her to be. She was professional and organized to some, vulnerable and
    careless to others. She was a bold sexual adventurer to some, masochistic
    victim to others. The longest sustained intimate relationship she had was
    about six months, but she would drop into the lives of former lovers months or
    years later, ask a favor, a loan, a fix, a place to crash. And then she would
    be gone again, into an endless cycle of sex, drugs, sleep, and starting all

    She seldom spoke of her early life. She was fond of her paternal grandmother,
    with whom she spoke Portugese. She repeatedly expressed rage toward her
    mother. She sometimes referred to a sister; other times she said she was an
    only child. She rarely spoke of her father or step-father, but did call him
    “Robert”. It is true that “Apedon” is a not-uncommon name in Portugal, and it
    is tempting to think that she fashioned her famous alias from that name. The
    only “Robert Apedon” living in California in 1980 refused to discuss anything
    about her.

    She said that her mother constantly insisted that she lose weight, told her
    that her body was “freakish”, and her mother made it clear that she was
    disappointed in Roberta. She said that she was introduced to sex at the age of
    twelve, and that one of her first sex partners referred to her as a “lousy
    lay”. She alternately spoke of her adolescence as an adventure of sex and
    drugs, or an extended grasping for attention from men who used and rejected
    her. She told several lovers that she had developed her considerable skill at
    fellatio as a way of avoiding pregnancy in her teens.

    She said that she graduated from high school in 1972 in “The Bay Area”, which
    could include much of Northern California. She once claimed to have attended
    the UCLA film school, but one graduate who remembered her said that all she
    attended was parties, and was best known for her sexual adventures.

    By the winter of 1972-73 she was 18 and living with a college student in San
    Francisco. In December, 1972, they attended a party in Sausalito at the home
    of a minor film figure. After taking drugs and drinking, Roberta went with a
    couple into a bathroom for a threesome. After they left, and semi-conscious,
    she “entertained” a dozen or so of the guests before being hospitalized for an
    overdose. In an effort to change her life she moved to Renton, Washington, for
    a few months. She soon decided that her fate lay in California She separated
    from her lover and in March, 1973, moved to Venice, California, not far from
    Hollywood. By June, 1973, she was involved with American Art Enterprises which
    was at the center of the “porno-industrial complex” in Chatsworth and North
    Hollywood, California. Her modeling career lasted from June, 1973, to
    December, 1975, two and a half years.

    One of the photographers who worked with her, Bob Ellison, claimed to have
    “discovered” her, although he worked much of the time for AAE. The earliest
    verifiable publication of her photos was in a magazine called “The Swinger” in
    the February, 1974, edition which would have gone to press the prior November.
    In a recent (2002) interview published by Score Group, Ellison described her
    as living in a “hippie” apartment in Venice, California, with a boyfriend.

    During that period she had brief, stormy “affairs” ranging from a night to a
    few weeks, including Gus Hasford, a part-time editor for American Art and the
    tormented author of a novel, The Short Timers, which was the basis for Stanley
    Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”. She claimed to have worked as a dancer at The
    Classic Cat, a high-end topless bar in Hollywood, but no record exists of her
    employment and none of the women who worked there remembers her. She also
    claimed to have been involved with a number of minor celebrities including Bob
    Crane and Charleton Heston.

    She had a credited role in one movie, “Carnal Madness”, released on video as
    “Delinquent Schoolgirls”, where her attempt at an accent in her few on-screen
    lines led to all kinds of imaginative stories about her ethnic origin. She
    tried out, but was rejected for the female lead in the Jan-Michael Vincent
    movie, “Buster and Billie”. Aside from a few nude 8mm “loops”, that was the
    end of her film career, although she kept trying to get roles.

    Larry Shaw, a lead editor for American Art publications who would win a Hugo
    Award in 1984, felt that she had enough talent to make a living as an actress
    except that her body and her self-destructive life style kept getting in the
    way. Several times he spotted her on L.A.’s prostitution “strolls”.

    She was arrested at least once, in September, 1975, in San Francisco, for
    prostitution. Shortly after that A.A.E. quit using her as a model. Although
    she posed a number of times after that for various photographers, her last
    known contact was in late 1979 when she called a former lover for a ride to a
    hard-core shoot in Pacific Palisades, south of Los Angeles. She was homeless
    and her weight had dropped below 90 pounds and years of drug use had taken a
    serious toll.

    Several reports about her fate after 1979 are floating around. One “john
    board” mentioned her working as a prostitute in San Francisco in 1982. Another
    rumor suggests she was involved in a robbery, changed her identity, and
    disappeared. Several sources report that she died in 1983 or 1984. But none
    can be confirmed.

    Unlike many of her contemporaries who are having “second careers” with fan
    sites and Glamourcon tours, no trace remains of the troubled young woman who
    was probably the most popular nude model of the 1970s.

    If you can add anything, please contact:

  2. seadragonconquerer says:

    Roberta Singer, aka Pedon, was a Jewish girl out of the Hasidic (Williamsburg) section of New York City; I saw her dance at Jax, a mens’ club at Lex and 43rd, around about the spring or summer of 1972. A classic, restless, “Wandering Jew”, her eventual self-destruction is completely in-character.

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  8. THE ASSASSIN says:

    Roberta Pedon es la mujer mas bella y maravillosa que a existido nunca
    Roberta Pedon is the most beautiful and wonderful woman who never existed

  9. Allan Ritchie says:

    She had a presence before the camera which makes her unique

  10. David says:

    It’s sad to hear things about someone with so many destructive problems in life. All I can say is that, if I’d known this woman, I’d take her out to dinner and treat her like a lady…with respect, compassion, and an attitude of…”I care about you”. I love pretty woman…she was very sexy. It is just too damned bad that some people go cruising down the wrong roadways in this life. Her photos indicate beauty, sexiness, charm, and maybe most importantly, potential…what a waste!

  11. DCM says:

    She was a once in a generation girl.

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