Toni Francis

Toni FRANCIS aka Toni Kessering aka Toni TITANIC aka Judy CONWAY.

Born: March 2nd, 1955 in West Bristol, England.
oni was an unmistakable natural wonder of the BBW and big Boobed gals’ genre. Always overflowing was her 38J Bra with those 44F breasts set for wow. Toni took careful aim at the expanding industry. She started off near home in print modeling for the big girls of interest, catalog small ads and seemingly harmless conservative spreads quickly got the notice of traveling artists. Soon she would be gracing the neighboring country’s prints and tabloid features of her magnificent twins of titanic tease. Visiting Germany she took on the name of Kessering for some modeling in various venues and live events. Next step was some subsequent spots that exploited her launch into adult film and carnal production mainstream.

Updated March 2, 2011

Toni has a lot of other names including: Judy Conway, Toni Frances, Francies, Babsi Kempers, Judy Conway, Judy Love, Toni Kessering, Titanic Toni. She ws born in West Country, England in 1955. Her 44-27-38 figure brought her a lot of fame and a nickname of Titantic Toni, which she dislikes according to gossip.

She appeared in over 50 adult films, and has come to regret some of her work. She began her career in 1983 and had quite a following in Britan.

Partial Filmography

The Very Best of T.T. (2004) (V)
European Cleavage Queens (1996) (V)
Busty Babes in Heat 2 (1994) (V)
Radio Bizarr (1990) (V)
Breast of Britain 6 (1989) (V)
Busen Extra 1 (1989) (V)
Ten Years of Big Busts (1989) (V)
Classic Big Tits (1988) (V)
Big Busty 29 (1988) (V)
Der Tittenspanner (1988)(V)
Breast of Britain 4 (1988) (V)
Showdown for Desiree (1987) (V)
Breast of Britain 2 (1986) (V)
Les Esclaves du sexe (1985) (V)
Big Boobs Party (1985) (V)
Mamelles Bondage (1985) (V)

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  1. Peter says:

    Dear Toni,
    since 1980 and up today I found your pictures wonderfull. Yesterday, many years later I found you again in “boobseum” and I am happy everytime, when i have a loock at you. I thanks god for this wonderfull Body on Earth, Your Body!

    Manny, manny greetings from me and I never shall forget you.

    (My English is not like an Oxford-English)

  2. harlan lang says:

    problem with homesite, pop ups blocking entering today, never had this problem before, even as a member????????? HL

  3. bri says:


  4. G Smith says:

    Where has he web site gone.

  5. Robert says:

    Toni, I want to go down on you

  6. Delta19 says:

    This wonderful lady is my ideal fantasy, just wish I could have the real Toni instead of pictures and web-sites

  7. Richard says:

    Let’s spend a week together naked

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