Uschi Digard

Alias(es) Astrid, Ann Biggs, Debbie Bowman, Britt, Marie Brown, Clarissa, Debbie, Ushi Devon, Julia Digaid, Uschi Digaid, Ushi Digant, Ursula Digard, Ushie Digard, Ushi, Ushi Digard, Uschi “Soul” Digard,Ushie Plushie, Alicia Digart, Uma Digart, Uschi Dansk, Uschi Digart, Ushi Digart, Ushi Digert, Uschi Digger, Beatrice Dunn, Gina, Sheila Gramer, Ilsa, Cynthia Jones, Karin, Astrid Lillimor, Astrid Lillimore, Linda Lolli, Lola, Marie Marceau, Marni, Mindy, Mookie, Olga, Inge Pinson, Ronnie Roundheels, Sherrie, Heidi Bush, H. Sohl, Heide Sohl, Heidi Sohler, U. Heidi Sohler, Susie, Edie Swenson, Joanie Ulrich, Ursula, Uschi, Ushi, Elke Vann, Elke Von, Jobi Winston, Ingrid Young

Uschi Digard (born 15 August 1948 in the near Stockholm town of Saltsjö-Duvnäs in Sweden and raised in Scandinavia) is a Swedish former softcore porn star and model.
Uschi Digard never had sex on film. However, she later appeared in several pornographic movies with porn superstars such as John Holmes, Candy Samples, and Kitten Natividad during what is sometimes known as Porno chic or the Golden Age of Porn from 1975 to 1983. By porn standards the period was marked with creative scripts and high production values, when movies were intended for cinematic release rather than direct-to-video and performers were not threatened by AIDS.

In those years she starred in some “sexy wrestling” short-footage films too, mainly for Triumph Studios and Ron Dvorkin’s Bellstone; quite memorable remains her “clash” with another “big boobs” famous model, her close friend Candy Samples in 1980’s Battle of the Bosoms.

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  1. Winchester1971 says:

    She is Hot!

  2. Kairii says:

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  3. David Bellardo says:

    Her nipples need a shower of cum…those beautys make my dick as hard as a baseball bat!

  4. David says:

    This woman is absolutely fantastic! She could give a heartless man a cardiac arrest!

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