Uschi Digard – Dicktator

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Uschi Digard – Dicktator

A population-control measure gone wrong leads to an international sexual campaign in this off-the-wall comedy for adults only. With the birth rate spinning out of control, a team of scientists from around the globe create a male birth control pill that will make its users sterile for two years. However, after all the major nations of the world have mandated its use, it’s discovered that there is a flaw in the formula, and now the vast majority of the Earth’s male population are permanently incapable of fathering children. The president of the United States hatches a plan to end the crisis by using intelligence agents to ferret out the few “dicktators” around the world who failed to take the pill and pairing them up with beautiful women. A jailed Russian writer (Ron Carey) is released from prison to spend the night with a gorgeous blonde (Uschi Digard), a shepherd from the Andes asks his assigned partner (Rene Bond) to get him in the mood by imitating a sheep, an Asian potentate (Jess Ramos) squares off with not one but two women (Joanne Stevens and Mara Sonara), and an American exchange student in Africa (Paul Daniels) has an unfortunate encounter with a lovely widow (Yolanda Beckham). The Dicktator was produced and photographed by veteran exploitation kingpin Manuel S. Conde. (

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